It's Launch Day!

Well folks, it's finally here - tiny truths is officially born and our three Bible storybook apps are now for sale in all good app stores. Several months ago Tim and I started scribbling furiously in notebooks and throwing ideas around in coffee shops. At the time we were laughably optimistic about how easy it would be to make a handful of Bible story apps. How hard could it be, really? It turned out to be quite a lot of work (mostly for Tim!) but I have to say we're thrilled with the result and it's so rewarding to see how those early ideas have grown into the finished product that is now out there for everyone to see and enjoy.

We hope you'll enjoy these books, and that you'll share them with your kids, your grandkids and any little friends who are eager to find out more about Jesus. If you haven't taken a peek yet, please do, and let us know what you think. We hope these books will delight, entertain and inspire your little ones. And ultimately that they'll introduce some tiny hearts to these oh-so important truths.