The tiny truths Illustrated Bible was created, written and illustrated by Tim Penner and Jo Rivard. Tim and Jo have been making kids’ content together since 2011 (though they’ve been friends for much longer). Over the years they have made interactive book apps, print books, games and crafts. They believe in the importance and power of story to shape us. The tiny truths Illustrated Bible is the culmination of many years of writing, scribbling, drawing and laughing together.

Jo Rivard - Joanna grew up in Nigeria and England and studied French at Oxford University. She has a PhD in French existentialism from the University of Michigan but (given the choice) prefers writing children’s stories. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two children who refuse to share her accent.

Tim Penner - Tim is an animation director, illustrator and writer who lives in Toronto. Before art and film school he picked up a degree in theology just in case the opportunity to bring it all together and make a children’s Bible ever presented itself.